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                            Company Profile

    The Construction Engineering Company of China Railway No.5 Engineering Group Co., Ltdis a subsidiary ofChina Railway Group Limited, which is one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies.Founded in 1950, the Company is a large state-owned enterprise engaged in building construction. The Company has many professional qualifications, including Special-Class Certificate in General Contracting of Building Construction, First-Class Certificates in General Contracting of Municipal Utilities, Steel Structure, Curtain Wall,Fire-Fighting Equipment, Construction Mechanical&Electric Equipment Installation, Building Decoration, and Base&Foundation Engineering, Second-Class Certificate in Hoisting Equipment Installation, and Class A (design) qualification in the construction industry.The scope of business covers industrial and civil building, railway, highway, subway, municipal engineering, steel structure, furnishing, decoration and design, curtain wall, and installations of fire fighting,mechanical and electrical equipment. The company has more than 1,800 employees, of which1,300 are technical specialists and more than 100 are senior engineers and professorate senior engineers. The total assets reach up to RMB 4 billion and the Company ownsmore than 800 sets of advanced machinery and equipment. Withitsannual turnout of RMB 10 billion, the Company is very competitive in the engineering field.
    Ever since its foundation, the Company has taken part into: construction of more than 40 railway lines, such as Cheng-yu, Bao-cheng, Gui-kun, Xiang-qian, Heng-guang, Jing-jiu, Nan-kun etc.; construction of marshalling stations, such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, etc.; construction of more than 500 subways, highways, municipal engineering works and high-rise buildings, such as Qinghai-Tibet Integrated Dispatching Building, Nanning East Station, Wuhan-Huangshi Station House, Chongqing-Lichuan Station House, Guangzhou Subway, Tianjing Subway, Chengdu Subway, Green Land Liansheng International Building, Shanghai Hongtai Apartment, Guizhou Howard Johnson Plaza Five-star Hotel, Guizhou University City, Guantang Bridge of Libo-Guizhou, Li-pan Highway, Tiyu Road and North Guanshan Road of Guiyang Jinyang District. The Company has also contracted China-aided projects in more than 20 countries, such as Iraq, Nigeria, Kenya, the Kingdom of Tonga, Guyana, the Cook Islands. The Company has won more than 200 prizes which includes the Luban Prize, the National Quality Project Award, the Sample Project with High Quality of the National Ministry of Construction, the National Customers Satisfied Project, the National Outstanding QC Prize, the Shanghai Bai Yulan Prize, Guizhou Huang Guoshu Prize for High Quality Construction Project, the National Outstanding Construction Enterprise, the National AAA Honest and Reliable Company, the champion of National Ankang Competition, the Guizhou Outstanding Construction Enterprise, the Outstanding Enterprise of Guizhou QC Group, the Sample Site of Safe and Orderly Construction in Guizhou, the Youth Civilization Unit prize, etc. Moreover, the Company has been awarded 18national patents, 26 construction techniques and methods of provincial or ministrial level. The Companys contract performance rate and its acceptance rate of projects are 100%. The Company has also been passed the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS18001 in 2003. It has built a good image in the market by constructing qualified project and creating unique brand.
    The Company follows on the enterprise spirit of Strive to challenge limits and achieve excellence, insists the enterprise policy of Human-oriented, honest operation, scientific management and sustainable development, adheres to the core value of Customer first, teamwork, innovation, integrity, passion, and dedication, and is dedicated to the service of customers from various circles of society.

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